LGBT Adoptive Parents

Families For Children has always welcomed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and families seeking to adopt. We are proud to have been of service to the LGBT community, with some LGBT families adopting not just once, but two or three times through our agency.

Our LGBT families are an invaluable resource for the many children awaiting permanency and often bring unique strengths to meet their needs. Some children awaiting permanency are themselves LGBTQ, however we encourage LGBT families to consider all children seeking permanency, and never limit our families to LGBT youth.

LGBT Youth

Some children awaiting permanency are themselves LGBTQ. They need families who will provide safe and stable care in an accepting family environment. LGBTQ youth are overrepresented in the foster care system, and are more likely than other foster youth to be placed in group homes and other congregate care facilities. Many have been the victims of violence and all have been the victims of verbal abuse. Between 25% and 40% of homeless and runaway youth identify as LGBTQ. They are at a higher risk of substance abuse than other youth in foster care.

We actively encourage ALL adoptive families regardless of sexual orientation to consider fostering or adopting LGBTQ youth. Our professional team is sensitive and well trained to the needs of LGBTQ youth will provide families with excellent support and education.

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